Standing up for Seniors














Tennesseans who have worked hard all of their lives have a right to expect that their Social Security will be there for them when they retire. These are "earned benefits," not "entitlements" as some call them. Steven Reynolds is proposing raising the cap from $118,000 to $250,000 which would make Social Security solvent for the next 52 years and add $100 monthly to each recipient. 


Medicare ensures that older Americans and individuals who are permanently disabled can retire with dignity and have access to health care when they need it most. Today, Medicare covers over 55 million American seniors, including over 900,000 Tennesseans, and Steven Reynolds is committed to making sure that Tennessee seniors continue to have access the health services that they need.

Some Medicare recipients continue to struggle with rising out-of-pocket costs, including costs for their prescription drugs. Rising prescription drug prices are a very real and growing problem for people in Tennessee and across the country. That's why Steven Reynolds will fight in Congress to negotiate prescription drug costs and reduce those out-of-pocket costs. 





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