Helping Protect Our Environment and Creating Clean Energy Jobs


Tennessee has a strong, proud tradition of being a national leader in responsible environmental stewardship and renewable energy development. Steven Reynolds has personally initiated and overseen fresh water and wetlands projects for many years. He understands the complexity and necessity of our environmental protection regulations and knows how to be compliant with our environmental laws. 

"Taking care of our most precious asset isn't just the right thing to do, it is also good business for beautiful Tennessee" ~Steven Reynolds



Bringing renewable energy jobs to Tennessee would not only be good for business, it will also provide clean renewable energy for our farms and hospitals. Solar and Wind Power is the future as many utility companies move away from coal. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) defines renewable energy as generation that is sustainable and is generally replenished naturally. Today, TVA produces renewable energy from conventional hydro, wind, solar, biogas and biomass co-firing sources. TVA also purchases renewable energy for distribution to its customers and conducts research into clean and renewable sources.



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